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Walk in Bath tubs for the elderly

As we get older, getting in and out of a standard bathtub can become a difficult task, even dangerous. While it is often encouraged to replace your existing bathtub with a walk in shower as it is perceived to be more accessible, there are other options. There is nothing quite like a long soak in your own bath. But can you have accessibility as well as luxury when it comes to bathing?

Walk in bathtubs are especially designed for individuals who need safer access or assistance when getting in an out of the bathtub. Walk in bathtubs come in a range of designs and styles and can be designed into most bathroom environments. They are the perfect bathing solution for elderly people and can be equally used by everyone in the house.

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The benefits of having a walk in bath tub

Simple and easy to use with its angular lines and inwards opening toughened glass door. A truly modern option where easy access bathing is required with low step.

  • Low threshold step 
  • Simple, single lever door locking mechanism
  • Inwards opening 10mm glass toughened door
  • Hydrotherapy spa option
  • Other benefits too

There is nothing as relaxing than a nice hot soak in the bath. Walk in bath tubs are specially designed for those with limited mobility or a disability. 

We can make your bathroom safer and more accessible.

FAQ - Walk in Bath tubs

A walk in bath tub is used in the same way as a standard bath tub , the major difference is that a walk in bath tub has an accessible access point or door fitted meaning you can walk in versus climb in . Most accidents or falls in the home happen in the bathroom and specifically climbing in and out of the bath tub. 

A walk in bath tub eliminates the need for climbing. 

As well as lower access point walk in bath tubs come in wide range of designs and styles . Some walk-in tubs come with  Jacuzzi or whirlpool options that increase the comfort, and relaxation helping to soothe pains and aches.

It is also possible to combine a walk in bath tubs with a shower meaning you can maintain both options. 

Walk in bath tubs are designed to help and promote safe bathing amongst the elderly. These tubs can be further accessorised with grab bars and a non slip flooring to ensure that you bathroom is as safe as possible.

A walk in bath tub may not be for everyone but many of us prefer the experience of a bath versus a shower . This product gives you the option of continuing to bath even as we become less mobile in our elder years. 

There are a wide range of styles and functionalities available and the cost can vary . You should expect to pay €1000 for a base model price and  up to €3800 for a higher spec . These prices do not include installation . 

Basically, they are a specially designed tub almost used in the same way like you use a traditional one. The main difference is that walk-in tubs have a door that opens allowing users to step to walk in.

The door into the bathing area is entirely sealed still allowing easy access when opened. You must to close the door before filling the unit to prevent spills. It means that you have to get into the tub before turning the water on and can only come out after all the water gets drained.