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Why a Home elevator may be a better option than a Stairlift

When the stairs becomes a problem in the home it is typically a stairlift that is the first solution that comes to mind. Stairlifts have been used across Ireland for decades are reliable and cost effective. The stairlift can usually be instaalled with out the need for extensive alterations. As more and more products aimed at helping people saty in their home as the age come on the market it is now safe to say that your standard stairlift is no longer the only option available. The growth and development in the home elevator / home lift sector has meant that more and more Irish seniors are now looking at this product category the help move through the floors of their home in greater style and comfort. 

We take a look at some of the reason what a home elevator may be a better option that the traditional stair lift. 

Comfort and Safety 

Most users with reduced mobility typically need a walking aid, walking stick, a frame or even a wheelchair , this can be challenging to do with a stairlift and the user may need either a duplicate set of aids ( upstairs and down stairs ) . This it not a problem when a home lift is installed as there is ample room in the cabin to bring these aids with you. 

Most home lifts are desigend to facilitate the up to three people between floors comfortably . The typical home elevator is also capable of taking a wheelchair user safely from one floor to the other without the need of transfer as might be expected with a stairlift , this offer the user a level of independence that the user will not get from a stairlift .. 

It is quite common for stairlift users to carry either a basket of washing or even a pet with them as the use the stairlift . This can be quite a challenge as you need to be able to operate the controls as well as hold the basket or pet as the lift moves . A home lift enables the user to transfer pets , washing baskets or belongings with them in much safer and comfortable setting. 

The manner in which new and modern home lifts are built means there are a range of features & benefits such as sensors , seats and call functions to ensure that the user’s safety is paramount meaning a high degree and comfort is assured when using the lift. 

Location of home lift

While stairlifts are an effective and suitable solution for many there are limitations in term of how and where they can be installed . As the name suggest a stairlift can only be installed on the users stairs and in some instance the stairlift may only be practical on one side of the stairs meaning choice of location is limited! Approx 8% of stairs are not wide enough for a stairlift . 

In many cases once the stairlift has been installed on the staircase it can often become a obstacle to other stair users.

A home lift can be installed almost wherever in the home meaning there a range of options that can suit both your needs and the layout of your home . The space required to install the elevator is often no bigger than a wardrobe meaning the space used and footprint occupied is minimal.

In many instances as the lift is not categorisied as a mobility product like a stairlift is many will decide to the have the stylish new home lift installed as a feature in the home and very often in often in a central location . The key point is that the home lift is not is not tied to any particular area of the house the way a stairlift is! 


As mentioned above the design for accessibility products has come along way in the last number of years . The improvement in the design of home lifts has also come along way .  The majority of modern home elevators now offer a range of colours that can blend in with your current your décor. 

The majority of home lifts can now in fact fully customised, from the flooring, to the panels of the car itself meaning that the lift can tailored to suit the needs of the user and blend in with the surroundings . In general stairlifts can be more clinical in appearance and are typically views as a medical or mobility product . The home lift is rarely seen as a medical or mobility device and in fact can become a feature of the home . 


At ageing in place we have heard the positive and negative aspects of a whole range of products . One of the most used negative comments that gets used about stairlifts in the speed and pace at which they travel . The typical speed of that a stairlift will travel is between  0.19mph and 0.29mph. 

A standard and modern home lift will typically take 30 seconds to travel between 2 floors . Where users have a number of flights of stairs to navigate the home lift often becomes a product of interest based on its ability to travel at a higher speed . It is important to point out that the increased speed function does not come with the trade off of a noisier option . In fact home elevators are typically quiter that stairlifts too.! 

Return on investment

When faced with the issue of decreased mobility many Irish seniors will consider a range of options including selling that 2 story home that is filled with wonderful memories and down sizing. It is not uncommon for many Irish seniors to refuse to have a stairlift installed because of the look and feel and the stigma attached to the this product .

A well-designed home lift, in the right location, can enable occupants with decreased mobility continue to enjoy the home they love. It is also now a fact that houses with home lifts or home elevators can attain higher selling prices that those that dont . 

So as ore and more home Irish seniors are  now installing their lift before the need is there and future-proofing their homes – there is also the added incentive that the addition of the home lift will enhance the value of the property and is highly unlikely to be removed as a stairlift would . In some cases the cost of having a stairlift installed on a curved stairs can be approx € 8,500 while the cost of have a home lift installed can be approx €14,000 . This additional investment at the time of selecting is rarely lost and is more often than not a value add to any potential buyers. 

In summary we are strong advocates for Irish people ageing at home and there are a lot of positives about stairlifts that we have not covered here . However the development in the home lift product category has meant that this is now an option worth considering . Put simply a home lift can be versatile, comfortable and cost effective solution and alternative to a stairlift.

Are you interseted in exploring if a home lift could be the right solution for you ? Click here to find out more