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What can help me with? in place aim to provide clear and accurate information about the products / services and financial supports that are available to enable barrier free and independent living in your own home.

The process of considering the options around staying at home is complicated and the fragmented approach that has existed up to now has been a major source of frustration and stress for those either looking for themselves or on behalf of a family member .

Over 90% of us want to age at home and many Irish senior citizens are joining a growing trend of adapting their homes and planning for a safer and more independent in older age. Some of the things aim to achieve are:

Raise awareness about what is possible when considering ageing at home and the home modifications, home adaptations and innovations that can help make the home a safer environment for senior living.

We have designed a Grant eligibility calculator to help people evaluate if they are eligible for grant support. Our FAQ section will also answer any questions you have about the grant process and your options if eligible or not.

Free advice and design services from specialist home modification and home adaptations contractors. We aim to present the best products solutions and contractor available in your area.

At ageing in place, we are strong advocates of assistive technology and the improvements it can bring to our senior citizens and circle of care. That is why we promote the latest product, service, and technology innovations for making ageing at home easier and safer.

One of the key concerns that people have when adapting their homes is that they don’t want the home to look medicalised or disabled. We promote an inclusive design process whereby homeowners are actively involved. The area of home adaptations has seen significant innovation and a range of solutions exist that are both functional and stylish?

Promote the idea of a more pro active and planned approach to ageing in place. Home renovations and repairs are a common and regular occurrence. believe we should take a proactive approach and consider home modifications as a process like standard home repairs and renovations

As well as informative product content and access to experienced contractors and product/service specialists will keep the public up to date with the latest trends in the category via its blog page, resources section and social media channels.