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Ageing in place Ireland has created your action plan for ageing in place , the concept and idea for this template/checklist has come form assessing the critical adaptations and modifications that we need to make to help make our homes safer for senior living .

As everyone one as different needs and requirements we have listed here some of the questions that we need to ask our consider when looking to prioritise the essential adaptations that you wish to make.


  • Is access to the outside area secured by a banister?
  • Are the floors and stairs fully covered with non-slip flooring?
  • Are stairs spiral or are the steps bevelled? If so, structural changes should be made.
  • Are there handrails inside and outside of stairs? Handrails should extend beyond the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Is there an electric door handle or an intercom?
  • Is there an emergency system that you can use to get help in the event of a fall?
  • Can the phone be easily reached in the event of a fall?
  • Is there enough light? Are there motion detectors and a night light in the bedroom?
  • Are there door thresholds?
  • Is the door wide enough for a wheelchair or rollator?
  • Are the seating options in the kitchen easily accessible with a wheelchair or rollator?
  • Are the seating options in the apartment non-slip?
  • Can frequently use items in closets be easily reached?
  • Is threshold-free access to the shower possible in the bathroom?
  • Is there a shower stool?
  • Is the height of the toilet adapted to the height?
  • Are there enough grab bars in the bathroom / shower / toilet?
  • Are all light switches easily accessible?
  • Are there any storage options by the bed?
  • Is the bed accessible with a wheelchair or rollator?
  • Is the bed height adapted to the height?
  • Are there pets roaming freely in the household?
  • Are there any objects in the apartment that could pose a tripping hazard


You can download this template here and it can be used to help address the modification that you wish to make on a room by room basis.

If you wish to consider the costs of some of these changes please visit where information about products , services and funding can be easily assessed.


Ageing in Place team