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The Benefits of Access Ramps for the Home

The bottom line:

  • Access ramps are popular among those choosing to age in place for many reasons. 
  • Access ramps are a great solution to make uneven flooring or a step between rooms safer. 
  • As well as being versatile, easy to install, and cost effective access ramps help make a home safer for all. 


As we age, we start to slow down. Our balance isn’t what it used to be, and we certainly don’t race up and down the stairs like we used to. So, adapting our home to suit our changing needs, either with access ramps for the home or other mobility devices, is vital if we decide to age in place.

For older family members, steps and stairs are notoriously tricky to navigate. Of course, if you live in a house with more than one storey, you may consider a lift solution such as a stairlift or homelift to access other floors. But what about a bungalow? Perhaps there are one or two steps up to your front door or out to the back garden. In fact, it’s not uncommon for there to be uneven flooring or a step between rooms that have been added as an extension, such as a conservatory or a porch. That’s where an access ramp may be the solution for you.


Access Ramp for home

Accessibility for all

An absolute necessity for the disabled, wheelchair users and those who use walking aids, disabled access ramps provide a safe, easy way to enter and leave your home. However, those aren’t the only people who can benefit from having an access ramp. Old or young, steps and uneven surfaces can be a trip hazard for anyone, especially in the dark, when it’s wet out or when you have your hands full with shopping. An access ramp ensures accessibility for everyone, day and night, week in, week out.

Access ramps are Versatile

Access ramps for the home are highly versatile. Available as indoor or outdoor options, they are designed to bypass steps, thresholds, or uneven surfaces in various environments. Access ramps can be made out of a wide range of materials to suit the location in which they are required. For example, a longer outdoor access ramp may be built out of concrete to withstand the elements and hold higher weight capacities, such as mobility scooters. Smaller indoor ramps that serve to tackle single steps or uneven surfaces are more likely to be rubber wedge ramps.

Access ramps require little maintenance

Whichever material your access ramp is made from, rest assured that it will be durable and require very little maintenance. Outdoor ramps are weatherproof but may need the occasional sweep to rid them of debris such as leaves, whereas indoor options will need to be cleaned just like any other flooring and kept clear of any obstacles.

Access ramps are Quick to Install

Once you decide what kind of ramp you want and where it will go, the actual installation process is quick and simple, often carried out in one day from start to finish. So, once you decide an access ramp is the right option for you, you’ll be sure to be using it in no time.

Access ramps are Cost-effective

For many people, one of the draws of an access ramp is the low cost. With prices ranging from as little as €100 up to an affordable €2,000, access ramps for the home are a cost-effective solution to ensure safe, easy access to your home. Access ramps are designed to be durable and long-lasting, requiring little to no maintenance, helping reduce costs even further. Another factor to keep in mind is that an access ramp can add value to your home, as accessible homes are in high demand here in Ireland.


Access ramps can be installed temporarily

Did you know that you can get portable or temporary access ramps installed at home? This is ideal if you or a loved one has suffered an accident and needs easier accessibility in or around the house while they recover. However, once you see the multitude of benefits of having an access ramp installed, you might decide you want to keep it long after recovery!

Access ramps are Safe

Last but certainly not least, all types of access ramps for the home are designed with safety as the top priority and follow strict Irish building regulations. The length, incline and weight capacity are all carefully calculated to ensure users are safe at all times. Other typical safety features include handrails, which can be installed on one side or both, and a slip-resistant floor surface to help keep your grip, whether on wheels or on your feet.

Safe, durable, and cost-effective, access ramps have it all and come in a wide range of options to suit everyone’s needs. So, why not join an ever-growing number of people opting to have one installed and enjoy the many benefits of having an access ramp at home?

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Access Ramp for home