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Step by Step Stairlift Buying Guide in Ireland

The bottom line:

  • Buying a stairlift in Ireland only takes 3 simple steps. 
  • From your home assessment to using your newly-installed stairlift, your stairlift provider will guide you through the process.
  • Stairlifts are available for straight and curved stairs, in a variety of styles and colours, so check out our stairlift buying guide for all the information you need.

Whether in Cork or Dublin, Galway or Limerick, buying a stairlift in Ireland has never been easier. If you or a family member is finding going up or down the stairs difficult, it is certainly time to start looking at other options. Moving house to a one-floor living space may be an option, or refurbishing your home to have a downstairs bedroom and bathroom may be another. But if you want to stay put with the least disruption possible, then a stairlift might be the answer.

You may be thinking further down the line. Stairs may not be an issue yet, but as you or your family members age, navigating stairways might get more difficult. Getting a stairlift installed now could be a weight off your mind later. Or if you have a more temporary issue, a broken leg, or other medical conditions that will take time to heal from, you might consider renting a stairlift.

Whatever your reason, and even if you’re not sure yet, you can start your stairlift journey at any time by looking through brochures and online catalogues at different options to give you an idea.

buy a stairlift in Ireland

The Assessment Stage

One of the best things about purchasing a stairlift is that you can discuss all your options with professionals before you go out and buy your stairlift. They’re experts in the field and know the ins and outs of stairlifts for all sorts of situations.

After you get in touch with a stairlift provider, they will first want to assess your situation. They’ll have a chat with you to find out exactly what you need and what option might suit you best. Then, they’ll come out and take a look at your stairs. Here is where they will take all the necessary measurements to make sure your lift and rail will fit perfectly.

At this stage, they may also let you know if any minor remodelling is needed. This could mean adding an extra plug socket closer to the stairs or adding, moving, or removing a handrail. If any minor changes like these need to be made, their cost will be included in the quote you are given, so there won’t be any hidden extras to pay.

Once the stairlift team has all your information, they can recommend the best options for you, and you can make a decision in your own time.

buy a stairlift in Ireland

The Quote and Ordering Stage

You’ve talked to the providers, they’ve taken the measurements, and after pondering which stairlift you’d like, you can give them your final answer. Next: they’ll give you a quote for your chosen stairlift. This price includes the installation, the stairlift itself and any minor changes that need carrying out for the stairlift to fit properly on your stairs. Along with the seat and rail, a stairlift quote usually includes a warranty and servicing, maintenance, and any parts you might need down the line in case of a fault or breakage.

If you accept the stairlift quote, you will be asked to pay a deposit. Then, the stairlift providers will organise a suitable time and day for them to come and install it. The stairlift and rail will be sent to be manufactured. This can take between ten days to four weeks, depending on how complex the rail needs to be. These waiting times are much shorter if you opt for a second-hand or refurbished stairlift.


buy a stairlift in Ireland

The Installation Stage

The stairlift installation process is quick and simple with the aim of causing as little disruption to your day as possible. Your stairlift will be installed on the agreed day by an engineer. It usually takes a few hours, as the rail is fitted to each stair, not to the wall. Once everything is installed, the engineer will go through how to use your stairlift and leave you with the instruction manual too. They can answer any questions you might have and show you how the controls work. The engineers will also clean up the area they have been working in before they go.

And that’s all there is to it—making your decision, organising the date and time of the installation, and having your own stairlift installed.

And your stairlift provider will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns throughout the whole process, from the decision-making, right up to the after-care, so you can rest at ease knowing there are always consultants and team members available to speak to, wherever you may be in Ireland.