Home Adaptation Grants for the Elderly - How to apply for a home adaptation grant in Ireland in 5 simple steps

In 2020 over 8000 Irish seniors received a mobility or housing adaptation grant to help make areas of the home safer for senior independent living. These grants are becoming more and more popular as Irish senior adults now look at ageing at home versus moving out of their homes and communities. 


While COVID-19 has impacted the volume and the amount of grants issued in 2020 it is expected that the demand for these grants will increase in 2021 and the coming years. 


At ageinginplace.ie we know that applying for grants can be daunting and difficult and the process and application can be confusing . That is why we have created the housing adaptation and mobility aids grant checklist which has an easy to use 5 step process.


Before applying for your grant, we would encourage you to review the eligibility criteria. You can also use the Eligibility Calculator at ageinginplace.ie where you can quickly and easily self-assess whether you may be eligible for a grant.


You’ve checked your eligibility and it looks like you are eligible for some grant support . You can download your grant application form via the department of housing, local authority or by contacting us ageinginplace.ie


Depending on the location of the grant applicant and the scale of work that the applicant is considering an OT report may be required as part of the application process. You can get a list of OT’s in your area by visiting www.aoti.ie or by contacting us at www.ageinginplace.ie


When applying for a grant you may be asked to provide 2 or 3 quotes for the works as part of the grant application process. Finding specialist contractors can be the most difficult part of the the grant application process .

Ageinginplace.ie can arrange for specialist contractors to provide FREE & INDEPENDENT QUOTES from trusted ageing in place specialists & contractors in your area.


While the grant is a source of great support for many, it is under funded and over subscribed meaning that waiting times for support can be up to 6 months in some areas. 

NOTE: The grant scheme is a great way to help people adapt and modify the home for safer living in old age. However it is important to note you cannot apply for the grant retrospectively of the works being carried out.

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