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Bathroom adaptation grants for the elderly - how to apply

Walk-in bathtub

The bottom line 

  • A significant amount of Irish Seniors fall in the bathroom each year yet many of these falls can be prevented.
  • Having your bathroom adapted to enable safer and more independent living is a proactive step we can take to avoiding unnecessary accidents in our homes as we age. 
  • Grant supports are available to help Irish seniors make aspects of the home safer and we introduce a simple 5 step process in this article 


According to a recent report by the TILDA only 13% of all Irish homes are suitable when it comes to safe independent living . The report goes on to say that over 130,000 seniors (adults over the age of 65) fall in the home each with a sizeable amount of these falls causing serious injury .One of the more hazardous areas of the house where these falls occur is the bathroom prompting many to adapt the bathroom . But having your bathroom adapted for safer independent living can be expensive with prices ranging from €5000 to €12,000 depending on the scale of the works that need to be done.

In 2008 the department of housing in con junction with the local authority network established The housing adaptation grants for older people scheme to help Irish seniors adapted aspects of the home for safer living as they age. Since the schemes inception it has helped thousands of Irish seniors to live safely in their own homes and helped reduce the incident of accidents .

What does the bathroom adaptation grant cover?

One of the common questions we get asked at Ageing in place is what exactly does the bathroom adaptation grant cover . The simple answer is the grant can cover anything from a minor adjustment such as the installation of a level access shower to a full bathroom and tile fit out. From our experience the bathroom adaptation project is normally likely to include a number of items such as non slip tiles , grab rails and or even walk in tubs meaning that most projects become a full bathroom re design and fit out. 

How do I apply for a bathroom adaptation grant?

As with any grant application the process involves a number of steps . At we have developed a easy to follow 5 step process to help and guide those looking to apply for a bathroom adaptation grant . 

How long does it take for a bathroom adaptation grant to be approved?

As the grant scheme is administered at local level by your local authority or city council there can be variance in how long it takes for approvals to be be granted from one local authority to another . While you wait for grant approval you are not permitted to proceed with the works and must wait for approval first. 

In our experience the process can take anything from 6 weeks to 8 months for approvals to be given . At Ageing in Place we strongly advise that you start to plan ahead when think about adapting your bathroom needs.


The numbers show that far too many Irish seniors have falls and accidents in the home each year with many of these accidents taking place in the bathroom. The Bathroom adaptation grant is a great scheme that is enabling our senior citizens live safer and independent lives in their homes for longer. 

While many who seek a bathroom adaptation grant do so after a fall or near miss has occurred we are now seeing more and more take a more proactive role in the design and a adaptation of their bathroom. Get started today and check your eligibility on our grant eligibility calculator.