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8 reasons why you should use Ageing in Place

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Irish seniors wish to age at home in older age? At Ageing In Place, we believe it is essential that local areas are supported to adopt a proactive and prevention focused approach to providing home adaptation supports and information to senior citizens.

We aim to provide easy access to the information that people need to make the right decision and aim to ensure that access to financial support and local experts is made as easy as possible. Here are 8 reasons why you should use ageing in place Ireland:

1. We provide information and ideas for ageing in place

Trying to explore the options of adapting your home for senior living can be difficult and stressful. There are many facets to making a home safer for independent senior living. From product and service selection to budget price estimation and from funding to installation. With you can explore the options, compare the costs, and arrange FREE no obligation consultations with home adaptations specialists.

So whether you are looking to explore the options, assess the benefits, get estimates and quotes or wish to look at the various funding options all for FREE, you find all you need at Ageing in Place.

2. We introduce the latest product and service innovations in the sector

A lot of innovation is happening in the ageing and elder care sector. At we aim to keep you up to date with the latest products and services that are making their way into the market. That is why we have a dedicated area where you can explore the latest products, view videos, and even download a brochure or ask for a quote.

New products and services can make various parts of the home safer and in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner . We aim to present these latest innovations as soon as they become available for Irish consumers.

3. We are Irish owned and operated

Ageing In Place is Irish owned and operated. The website was initially set up to provide senior citizens with the information and advice they needed in one place to explore the ideas and concepts of making the home safer for senior independent living.  

As demand for the products and services in this sector increases year after year, so too does the search for trustworthy local specialist home adaptation experts, OT’S and senior care advisors. 

So when you use Ageing in Place  not only are you getting great support and ideas for FREE you are supporting local jobs and the local economy.

4. We’ve created a grant checklist

Applying for a mobility aid grant or a housing adaptation grant is complicated. It involves a means test assessment, requires 3 quotes for the intended works and in some instances requires an occupational therapist report .

At Ageing in Place we have designed a simple to use grant checklist where we provide you with an eligibility calculator, grant application forms, a database of local occupational therapists near you and we can also arrange for a home adaptation specialist to visit you in your home and provide you with expert advice and cost estimates free of charge.

5. We have a nationwide footprint

Wherever you are in Ireland, we can help you with everything from your home adaptation design right through to installation. We are proud to deliver the best products, services and specialist contractors across the Republic of Ireland.

We have a nationwide footprint and can assist you in finding the best products and local contractors to help you with your home adaptation or product requirements. We are committed to helping Irish seniors live safer and more independent lives in the home surrounded by their support network no matter where they live.

6. Adapting and renovating the home at the same time

As more and more Irish seniors plan on staying in the home in older age versus down size , sell or even move into residential nursing home care we aim to encourage a mindset of “adapting as you renovate” .

Home renovations are a continuous process and we all change or kitchen , retile the bathroom even replace the decking in the back garden from time to time. 

At Ageing in Place we aim to promote a different mindset when it comes to these renovation projects . Why not that take a longer view when planning these little renovation projects and start thinking about future functional needs.  

7. Excellent customer service

We take huge pride in our customer service and always aim to deliver a first-class experience.

Our website makes it quick and easy to assess the options, talk to experts in the home modification industry, explore the various funding options and much more.

An Irish based customer service team member is also on hand – contactable by phone, email or web chat – to help with any queries you might have.

8. Tips for addressing a difficult topic

Home adaptations can play a key role in supporting people to live independently for longer and by extension these adaptations are key to preventing an escalation of care needs e.g as a result of falls or accidents in the home

Adapting the home can be a stressful and difficult topic to address. We provide ideas, tips and ways of addressing the topic of home adaptations and ageing at home. Our experience tells us that adaptations and modifications in the home work best when they are planned and all parties are involved in the process. 

Visit and explore the options and supports that can help you or a loved one stay in the home they love after all there’s no place like home. 

About Ageing In Place : Ageing in place is a new digital platform that aims to provide clear and accurate information about the products, services and financial supports that are available to enable barrier free and independent living in your own home.

The portal is designed to give you easy access to all the information you need in one place to enable you to evaluate your options, check your eligibility for grant supports and should you wish to contact contractors in your local area. 

All data is Copyright © Ageing In Place  . The information contained in this report may only be reproduced if the source is clearly credited. Please contact on 1800 844 022 for further information