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Housing Adaptation and Mobility Aids grant scheme for Older People - 2019 Headline numbers

A snapshot of the main numbers from our 2019 report.

As the number of Irish people over the age of 60 is projected to rise to 1.9m by 2051 (from 950,000 in 2019). We look at one of the main government support schemes aimed at supporting elderly people with items such as mobility aids, stairlifts, bathroom and home modification works. 

In our 2019 report – The 2019 mobility grants report, we analyse and breakdown the 2019 trends of grants allocated to the elderly for mobility & housing adaptations and shed light on the trends and distribution of these funds. 

There are a  number of grant schemes supported by the Department of Housing aimed at helping older people or those with a disability have their home modified for safer living .These three grants schemes are :

  • Mobility Aids Grant scheme
  • Housing aid for older people 
  • Housing adaptation grant for people with a disability 

Some of the standout numbers form the 2019 report are: 

10,023 – The amount of grant payments that were awarded in 2019 across the 3 Grant schemes which was is a 6.5% increase on the 2018 numbers. 

2111 – The mobility aids grant scheme awarded 2111 payments in 2019, this grant typically helps people with items such as grab rails, stairlifts and minor bathroom adaptations. 

6 months – According to feedback from our partners and our experiences the average waiting time from grant applicant to grant approval is 6 months but varies from local authority to local authority. 

€5513 – The average grant paid out in 2019 across the country.

2012 – The amount of grants issued in 2019 have surpassed the 2012 numbers for the first time . It has taken 8 years for the number of grants to get back towards the pre-recession numbers, but it is still a long way from the 2008 number of grants allocated 13,558!

€3902 – The lowest average payment issued in 2019 was Co Mayo where 475 grant payments were issued at an average of €3902.

€7959 – The highest average grant payments were issued in South Dublin where 370 grants were awarded at an average of €7595 per successful applicant. 

13,558 – The highest volume of grants recorded was in 2010 when 13,558 grants were issued. Despite demand growing for these supports and our population ageing at quicker rate  the level of funding into these schemes is not keeping up with the level of demand .

For those of you struggling with aspects of daily living, the grant system scheme is a great way to make your home a safer and enable you live safer and more independently in you own home. However, applying for these grants can be both complicated and confusing in times of stress. The grant is means tested and are subject to high levels of demand. 

To start the process of adapting your home for safer independent living visit where you can check to see if you qualify on the grant eligibility calculator and download your application form.

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