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What do you get when you buy a stairlift?

Increased Independence

Without a stairlift, going up a staircase can be a challenging experience where you may need assistance. Stairlifts help you get around the house with ease and without anyone’s help giving you greater independence.

They are easy to use and require no professional operation. All you have to do is get on the stairlift, strap yourself in and get it going. With a stairlift, you can get yourself to the next floor in your house in just a few seconds. They can also be installed for curved stairs.


A stairlift is a safe and comfortable option that will safely get you from one place to the next swiftly and smoothly and safely .

Stairlifts are fitted with a range of different safety features such as  sensors and automatic swivels and are both smooth and silent . The stairlift must meet the EN 81;40  equipment meets international safety regulations. 

cost effective 

Compared to other options that you may be considering, a stair lift is a very cost effective way of staying in the home you love . In some cases people may think of selling their homes and moving into a bungalow or even hiring someone to help them move around the house without considering a stair lift. 


A stair lift is a comfortable and easy to product . Each stair lift will have features such as :

  • A cushioned seat and seat back.
  • A seat belt that can be done up using only one hand.
  • A footrest that flips down automatically so you never have to bend over.
  • Easy to use hand and operator controls for people with poor dexterity .

As well as these features, the electrical systems we use allow for a smooth start and stop, without sudden jolts or movements.

a range of options and colors 

Modern stair lifts now have a wide range of both functional and aesthetic choice . A range of colors and upholstery’s mean that your stair lift can now blend in with you home decor .