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Housing Adaptation

Grant Check List

Getting Grant Approval

Welcome to the ageinginplace checklist where you can find information on making a home adaptations or mobility aids grant application. Before applying for your grant, we would encourage you to review the eligibility criteria.

You can also use our Eligibility Calculator where you can quickly and easily self-assess whether you may be eligible for a grant. We provide links to the grant application process and step-by-step guide to help with filling in an application can be found in our Resources section .

Before you arrange any works you need grant approval. Getting yourself ready for grant approval can take a number of months.

Step 1

Check Elegibility HERE

Step 2

Download Forms HERE

Step 3

3 Quotes HERE

Step 4

Select OT HERE

Request a grant application form

You can apply for the home adaptation grant or mobility aids grant either online or by post. Please follow the steps below to complete your application.

No time to apply? Let one of our registered ageing in place Partners help.​

Please note that you must have grant approval before any purchase of materials or commencement of adaptation works can take place .

request 3 independent Quotes

When applying for a grant you may  be asked to provide 3 quotes for the works as part of the grant application process. We can arrange for 3 home adaptation experts to provide 3 FREE & INDEPENDENT QUOTES from trusted ageing in place specialists & contractors in your area. 

Get advice from an OT

Depending of the location of the grant applicant and the scale of works that the applicant is considering an OT report may be required as part of the application process .
We can provide you with names and contact details of local private OT’s who can facilitate the drafting of a report for your application.  
If you are looking for an occupational therapist in public health system click here.