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One way to make a home more liveable is to incorporate design principles  and products that are adaptable, safe and easy to use. This Home adaptation course will show you how that’s possible.

This course was created to help people stay in the home they love  by turning where they live into a “lifelong home,” suitable for themselves and anyone in their household. The guide offers solutions that range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to improvements that require skilled expertise

Key Takeaways

An ageing population

By 2030, one in five people in Ireland  will be age 65 or over. And it’s projected that by 2034, such older adults will outnumber children under 18 for the first time ever.

Assessing risk

Most houses and apartments are designed for young, able-bodied adults and don’t meet the needs of older residents or people with disabilities.

Smart adaptations

Embed new thinking and smart ways to make a home comfortable, safe and a great fit for older adults — and people of all ages .


Programme Themes

Most houses and apartments are designed for young, able-bodied adults and don’t meet the needs of older residents or people with disabilities.

In fact, in many parts of Ireland , most housing units were built more than a generation ago to serve a population of family households, generally consisting of two parents and at least two children.

According to a report by TILDA only 13% of Irelands current housing stock is suitable or adapted for senior living . This has obvious implications for an ageing country like Ireland. 

A number of surveys consistently find that older Irish adults want to remain in their current homes and communities for as long as possible. However Irelands housing stock doesn’t fit the needs of a  rapidly changing and rapidly ageing population.

We take a look at the typical Irish home  , assess the risk and suggest modifications that can be made to make the home safer.

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