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Assistive Technology for Independent Senior Living


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What is Assistive technology for seniors?

Assistive technology for seniors is technology that can be placed within the home to help reassure both end-users and loved ones that help is at hand should they need it. As much as we would all like the be available 24/7, we know it’s not possible.

This technology can support elderly people living alone, or people who  spend lage periods of the day without immediate access to family and friends . It can help elderly people who may be worried about  falling or having a medical incident and not being physically able to reach out for help. The technology is quick and easy to install and is helping thousands age at home safely connected to their circle of care .


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Who can this technology help?

While there are undoubtedly a whole range of people that this technology can help and support, we believe that this technology can help : 

  1. Elderly people in need of support, who also want to maintain their independence.
  2. Families and carer network who want reassurance that the elderly person in their care is well, when they cannot be physically together.

Complete the request a demo form and arrange a FREE consultation with a assistive technology expert .

An age technology expert advisor will call you to discuss your needs and design a solution based on your specific needs

Once you have agreed you assistive technology plan we arrange to have the technology installed and provide training on how it is used

How this technology can give added piece of mind

Assistive technology can alleviate the worry and fears for both the end users and care givers by utilising sensors and connected apps to relay messages that everything is ok. This can mean greater independence, and less worry and stress for both parties. Some thoughts and scenarios that this technology can help alleviate : 

    –     Has dad taken his medication this morning?

    –     I’m worried about answering the front door?

    –     Did Mom get up on time this morning?

    –     What if i fall in the bathroom?

    –     Did dad use the stairlift? 

FAQ - Assistive technology for seniors

Choosing the correct assistive technology and telecare depends very much on a case by case basis : devices that maybe right for one person may not necessarily be useful for another. The technology can also seem complex at first and it’s vital that you choose products that are well suited to your needs.

To ensure that your requirements are understood we advice that you speak to an assistive technology expert and explain the circumstances , requirements and desired outcomes. You can arrange a FREE consultation here . 

The system is designed to be extremely easy to use and setup.  .This technology is easy to install and the process normally takes 2 to 3 hours . 

As the technology has a wide range of capabilities and functionalities and each installation is tailored for a specific set of circumstances it is difficult to give a price estimate without fist having a discussion with a tech advisor .

It is important to say that nearly all assistive technology products and services are sold via a monthly subscription (like your gas or electricity bill!) . This means that there is no once of payment on installation. 

There are currently know grants available for this technology .

This technology is bought and paid for via a subscription based business model . As with any subscription the process of cancelling is easy and normally a notice period of one month needs to be given .