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What is the Ageing in Place learning platform ?

The AIP learning platform is a free online training resource offering a wide range content, guides and courses focussed on all areas of ageing in place and living at home in older age .  The information and content is designed to help you or a loved one with the process of successful ageing in the home you love.


Learn how to make the home safer for senior independent senior living for you or a loved one . This FREE online resource is designed by experts and professionals and gives you access to high quality ageing in place content and support. 

What you'll learn on our training platform

Small changes in the way our home environments are set up, how day to day tasks are performed, can all make a huge difference to how we can age safer and more independently in our own homes 

The content and support guides are designed to help people to  navigate the challenges of a

  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents in to home as we age 
  • Help promote ageing at home as life choice 
  • Increase confidence of those living alone 
  • Help people live independently for longer in their own homes
  • Provide family and carer network a resource that can be used practically 

Our practical guides and courses have been compiled by experts in the ageing in place industry and are a designed with people exploring the concept of ageing at home or simply those people looking to make the home environment safer .


Trusted Information and resources for ageing in place

The ageing in place learning hub  is committed to the importance of home safety and accessibility to help older adults improve their odds for having an independent and productive life. Ageing In Place offers practical guides and supports to all individuals currently serving seniors, which includes education for home safety, fall prevention, home modifications ,crime prevention and technology training 

The aim of the Ageing in Place learning hub  is to help Irish senior adults and their families discover the pathway to safer independent living in the home they love. 

Choose from a range of courses and modules

At we firmly believe in the value of education and continuing personal and professional development. We also believe that the sector aimed at providing supports and training to help make ageing at home safer has been under served . 

Through  and our network, we not only  provide FREE valuable and useful content aimed at helping Irish seniors tackle the challenges of ageing at home . We also provide access to courses to people who may be considering working in the home modification and age care sector as a care giver .

Choose from modules on fall prevention, care giving , home adaptation fundamentals  , assistive technology,  . Each module is between 15 to 20 minutes long.

Fall Prevention in the home
This 20 Minute course provides you with practical tips and advice when looiking to make the home safer for you or a loved one
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Home Adaptation guide
Smart ways to make a home comfortable safe and a great fit for older adults - and people of all ages
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Assistive technology for Seniors
Assistive technology for seniors is a new and developing service enabling piece of mind for elderly and carers . This course shows you the technology and how it can be set up
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