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Ageing In Place: explore the options, products and supports available

9 out of 10 Irish seniors want to age at home, we can help you make ageing at home a reality 

All the information you need for Ageing in Place, we help You stay in the home you love

On this website you will find

Trying to explore the options of adapting your home for senior living can be difficult and stressful . There are many facets to making a home safer for independent senior living . From product and service selection to budget price estimation and from funding to installation ! With Ageing in Place  you can explore the options , compare the costs and arrange FREE no obligation consultations with home adaptations specialist .

We have also created the mobility aids grant calculator and the housing adaptation grant calculator where you can check your eligibility for grant supports . We provide support and assistance on your paper work and are here to give you the advice you need . Our service is totally FREE and you can sign up to receive information on the latest products and services as well as tips and ideas from the Ageing in Place community.

A Nationwide service that you can rely on

Wherever you are in Ireland, we can help you with your home adaptation design & installation

We are proud to deliver the best products , services and specialist contractors across the republic of Ireland . We have a nationwide footprint and can assist you in finding the best products and local contractors to help you with your home adaptation or product requirements . We are committed to helping Irish seniors live safer and more independent lives in the home surrounded by their family and support newtork.

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3 steps to safer and more independent living in your own home

The Process to adapting your home for safer and independent living is straight forward and while grants are available for some of the products and services, they are means tested and can take time to be approved. You can check your eligibility for you grant here



Est. Turnaround: 2 days – 1 week

The Ageing in Place Ireland  team can arrange for proper evaluation and cost assessment to be carried out depending on your requirements . The process of receiving your product or service evaluation is entirely FREE and without obligation . We recommend that you speak to our ageing in place product specialist first to gauge the home modification options and budget costs.



Est. Turnaround: Your Decision 

Depending on an individuals circumstances private funding your ageing in place home adaptation is the quickest way of having the works completed quickly . While some minor home modifications are not expensive , some more substantial home modifications can be costly . Click here to see private funding options.

Est. Turnaround: 3 – 9 months

There are a range of Ageing in place , home adaptation and mobility aid grants available on a means tested basis . The grant application process can take up to 9 months for approval and in all cases NO works can be carried out until approval is granted. You can check you eligibility for a grant here , or contact us and we can assist you with the process.



Est. Turnaround: 2 – 6 weeks

Some of the products associated with home adaptation contain purpose built elements such as curved stair lifts , home elevators and bathroom products . Once all components are confirmed we advice you to place your order in good time. 

Est. Varies 

Most works related to the category can be done in a day or two . However some of the more substantial works can involve different trades and can therefore take longer to finish . In all cases you should schedule the works in advance and agree these with your contractor . 

Once your works have been completed you will be given emergency contact numbers , products guarantees and a vat invoice . Please note as this product category is vat exempt you are entitled to reclaim all vat related to the works .

Popular products and supports for safer living in your own home


A range of stairlift solutions that can be fitted to all kinds of

Bathroom Adaptations

Stylish bathroom adaptation and re-modelling for safer and more independent living.


Say safe and active with the AssiStep stair walker. It reduces the risk of falling.

Gripo safety

Flexible supportive aid that helps you stand up and move around in your home.

We've helped a lot of people stay in the home they love in old age

You too can be like thousands of customers who use to explore and then organise the modifications of their homes for safer independent living in old age.


We are Irish owned and offer independent and localised advice


Join the “000’s” of Irish citizens deciding age safely at home


We provide an evaluation process that is easy, it’s fast and it’s FREE


We provide industry leading information on the grant process

Why should I use Ageing in Place ?


We believe that home adaptations can play a key role in supporting people  to live safer and more independent lives in the home they love. 

Ageing In Place Ireland and its partners aim to provide free and no obligation evaluation on the true costs of adapting and modifying your home in old age . We can provide information on the latest products and services and assist you with questions you may have on grant funding. We put you in touch with care providers  , home adaptation experts in your area ensuring you have access to quick and easy information .

We are Ireland’s only website with a grant calculator  allows you to check your eligibility for certain grants and supports . 


Why are home adaptations to ordinary homes important?

A recent report conducted by TILDA estimates that only 13% of homes are inherently ready to meet the needs of the ageing. This means that most people who are interested in ageing in place will need to make some kind of renovations to their home in order to do so.

Having a home modified for safer living helps seniors maintain a higher quality of life and a greater degree of  independence .  Well designed home adaptations are also a proven way of preventing falls or accidents in the home and are highly cost effective when compared to residential care  or assisted living facilities.


What supports are available to Irish seniors who want to adapt their homes?

There are several financial supports available to help support people who wish to adapt or modify the home . In the 2019 the Housing Adaptations Grants for Older People and The Mobility aids housing grant scheme issued approx €71 Million in grants to Irish citizens across the local authority and city council network .

These grants are designed to help reduce the dependency on our health services by supporting independent living and ageing in place. You can check your eligibility for a grant , download your grant application form and arrange for quotations from qualified specialists an this page.

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